Friday, February 4, 2011

Slow Palette – the year that was…

This was Slow Palettes' first year out in the wild, and it sure was an exciting one.  Here are the highlights –

UTS graduate parade – selected in to the Media Parade.  In addition to the images in the first post below, check out this article by WGSN (online fashion trend analysis), reporting of their picks of Australia’s fashion graduates 

Goldwell Colour Trends – beautiful hair designs (and makeup!) created to my specific designs for a DVD on new Goldwell hair styles and products


Interwoven – annual textile exhibition at Gaffa gallery.  This was a wonderful opportunity to exhibit my collection in a gallery context.  It was a lot of fun putting up my collection and meeting other amazing textile and fashion designers.  Here is a link to an interview for the exhibition for Artshine blog and another link here and a link to Decorators Catalogue review of the exhibition

SRD Change ’10 – the annual graduate sustainable design exhibition at pyd. design centre was a great opportunity to meet graduates and organize the exhibition.  From pursuing sponsors to media releases, curating to event organization, web design to catalogue, SRD Change provided the opportunity to not only exhibit but be involved in the whole gamut of organizing such an event.  For the first time being an event partner of Sydney Design '10, shows the growing appreciation and desire for responsible design.  

Here is a link to the website Check out the amazing designs by graduates designing our sustainable future.

Key-note guest speaker Costa (from Costa's Garden Odyssey) gave exhibitors a seed - a metaphor for the seeds of design ideas we were sewing.

Below are some images of Slow Palette taking over pyd. design centre - garments floating from the sky and posing on the stairwell.

Peppermint mag - Slow Palette was featured in a beautifully written article in the wonderful eco fashion magazine.  As a fearful self-promoter it was great to hear someone else's words on my work 

A Bit Slow – a slow design hub was born out of connections with like-minded designers from the SRD Change ’10 exhibition.  It was born at the end of 2010 and has been an inspiring and exciting experience already. Check out our site where we will be exploring and discovering slow design solutions and opportunities.

I am now working in a new studio space looking forward to refining my practice, doing more research and above all getting messy again with new creations.

Here is to a new year and new Slow Palette adventures ahead!


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